We are constantly watched. Whether we are being viewed by a friend, a stranger, or even a family member, no action goes truly unseen. Every moment of our lives is under surveillance, but does recognizing the existence of this supervision force us to be conscious actors in some Orwellian opera? Are we simply performing for an unknown viewer? 

With this body of work, I want to evoke the sense of paranoia, suspicion, and the fear that accompanies surveillance. Within over a hundred videos shown on dozens of monitors strewn throughout the dark room, I present the camera lens as a means of surveillance, and I am the surveilled. From the utterly mundane to the absurd actions captured on film, it is my aim for the videos in the gallery space to allow the viewer to feel overwhelmed, perplexed, and curious. 


15’ x 6’ x 10’

LCD monitors, media players


link to exhibition at the Gund Gallery, Spring 2019