$186 + 2x($119) + 4x($8.99)

Taboos fascinate me. The idea that something can’t be done because “it isn’t done” is a societal phenomenon that I adore exploring.

Money is one of those taboos.

Money and art are inherently linked, however many art makers shy away from the topic, out of shame, fear, or unwillingness to confront such an unpopular topic. The cost of art is insurmountable: the materials, affording space to make art, the artist’s time, the decade of education the artist received, and yet, many of those things are rarely translated to the price of a work of art.

In this sculpture I wanted to be fully transparent with my materials, and their cost.

$186 in U.S. currency

$238 for resin

$35.96 for silicone molds

When shown, I invited the viewers to smash the resin blocks with hammers, mallets, and chisels.